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Enchanting Wedding Moments: Dean Leavy, Your Magical Wedding Magician and Master of Ceremonies"

Hello, I'm Dean Leavy, a wedding magician, and master of ceremonies. Let me share what I bring to weddings.

As your magician, I bring an extra layer of excitement to your reception drinks. My role is to engage your guests up close and personal, weaving my magic among small groups while guests enjoy drinks and canapés and don't worry they won't even realise if the photos take a little longer than expected.

During the wedding breakfast, I'll move from table to table, captivating your guests with a variety of magic tricks. From sleight of hand with borrowed objects to mind-bending feats of mentalism, I'll ensure that each guest experiences plenty of magic throughout the day.

And let's not forget a very special set for the top table too.

As the speeches unfold and evening guests arrive, I'll be there as a friendly face to welcome them to the evening reception. I'll help guide them to the right place and start performing more close-up magic, allowing them to settle in and feel more relaxed.

Magic serves as the perfect ice-breaker at weddings, and as your magician, I will make sure that everyone has the very best time.

For further details on how I can be your magical Wedding Magician and Master of Ceremonies, don't hesitate to reach out. Email me today to inquire about my availability and packages.

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