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Private Party Magician

Private Party Magician Berkshire

Dean Leavy is a magician dedicated to creating unforgettable, customised experiences! He takes pride in ensuring every performance has a unique twist tailored just for you. Dean will find out all the details, so his act matches your theme perfectly - get ready for a magical night full of wonder and amazement!


Birthday Party Magician

It's your birthday, and you want to create some unforgettable memories! Look no further than hiring a Birthday Party Magician. Dean's fun tricks are designed to entertain young and adults alike. He will leave your guests wide-eyed and gasping! 

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Anniversary Party Magician

Is your anniversary party missing a touch of magic? Look no further than hiring Dean, the Anniversary Party Magician! Dean's magic will create excitement and entertainment that'll make your celebrations unforgettable. Dean guarantees to leave everyone spellbound and entertained by breaking the ice amongst your guests.

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The Dinner Party Experience

Are you planning an intimate dinner party with clients or loved ones? Hiring Dean, the Dinner Party Magician, will make your gathering the most memorable dining experience for you and your guests. 

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