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What is a Wedding Magician?

The wedding industry has certainly seen its fair share of trends come and go. But one trend here to stay is the addition of a Wedding Magician! If you've ever been to an event with a magician, you already know just how entertaining we can be. But what is a Wedding Magician, and why should you hire one for your big day? Let's take a closer look.

I'm Dean Leavy, a professional Wedding Magician in Berkshire; let me explain what a Wedding Magician can do for you on your big day.

What Does a Wedding Magician Do?

A Wedding Magician does precisely what their title implies - we perform magic tricks for guests at weddings! No, we don't saw anyone in half or pull rabbits out of our hats... unless you really want us to. Close-up magic is the most common type of magic performed by magicians at weddings. However, plenty of other types of magic could work on the big day, but for now, let's stick to close-up magic.

What is Close-Up Magic?

Imagine the type of magic you have seen David Blaine or Dynamo perform on their TV specials. You have probably seen some clips of magicians on YouTube and social media, and you probably didn't know it was called 'close-up magic'.

Close-up magic is a type of magic that happens right in front of your eyes. It is performed close to the audience, giving them a unique experience with the magician, and it is highly interactive and personal (usually for small groups of 2-10 people).

During performances, magicians typically borrow items from your guests. I'm not saying that we take your watch without you knowing and never return it (that's another type of show!). Instead, magicians will typically use objects we often find on our person, for example, rings, watches, coins, or cards, to create illusions that are sure to surprise and delight… and of course, everything gets returned safely to the audience.

The benefit of a close-up magician as opposed to a stage magician is that it is much easier to customise our act based on your specific needs and requests or even follow a particular theme you have chosen. Along with exhilarating magic tricks, a good close-up magician will do their best to remember everyone's name, making the experience all the more personable and memorable for guests.

Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

No matter how well-planned your wedding reception may be, there's always that lull during reception drinks when you're off having your photos. Another lull between the courses of the meal. Another lull while you wait for the DJ or band to set up their equipment in the evening turnaround.

This can often lead to awkward conversations or uncomfortable silences that don't add any value to the day - this is where having a Wedding Magician really pays off! Hiring a professional performer ensures that your guests are entertained as soon as they arrive. From greeting your friends and family at reception drinks; to entertaining around the tables during the wedding breakfast, before the speeches as your guests are served their champagne toast, and during the evening turnaround before the DJ starts and the dancing commences.

Plus, having someone who specialises in interactive entertainment will also help keep everyone engaged and relieve any stress or tension that may be present due to nerves or, dare I say it, family dynamics.

How do I know who to hire?

If you search on Google for 'Wedding Magicians', you will find plenty of options. Before hiring your Wedding Magician, you must be sure they will add value to your day.

I recommend asking to meet them in person or virtually over Zoom or Skype. Ensure they are engaging, entertaining and reliable. Nobody wants a magician who lingers after finishing their performance so they can access the buffet laid on for guests!

I offer all of my wedding couples a free, no-obligation Pre-Booking Zoom Call before booking. Getting to know one another is important before making such a significant commitment. You can do just that by clicking the link below,

How do I hire a Wedding Magician?

Every magician will have their own way of dealing with the booking process. Some will send you a word document so you can fill in the details of your wedding, and some will confirm the booking over email.

I have made it extremely simple to complete a booking. Some couples schedule a pre-booking zoom call (mentioned above), and other couples email me telling me they want to book me for their wedding, mainly if they have seen me at their friends wedding and want to book without hesitation.

I send you a digital booking form by email; this is easy to follow and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete from start to finish. The form is also my contract, and many couples comment on how having a contract gives them peace of mind.

Once the booking form is complete, and the contract is confirmed, I will automatically send you an invoice for a £100 deposit. Once this is paid, your wedding date is firmly secured in my calendar.

From there, I follow up with confirmation of payment and schedule a date to meet in person or virtually about 2 months before the wedding date.

You won't be disappointed!

A good Wedding Magician adds extra fun and excitement to all guests on the day. Not only do we bring some much-needed levity during those lulls mentioned above, but we also help bring people together in ways that no other form of entertainment can match - some may say magic is the perfect icebreaker!

So if you have yet to book entertainment for your big day, consider hiring me, an experienced Wedding Magician - I guarantee that your guests will thank you!


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